After thirty-two plus years practicing law I have had more than my share of clients tell me that their particular dispute was not about the money. Any lawyer practicing for any length of time has had the same experience and usually when a client says it isn’t about the money it typically is ALL about

I blew out my knee twice playing college football  As a consequence I have more than a passing familiarity of the anatomy of the human knee. Does that knowledge of the knee’s anatomy mean that I am competent to perform knee surgery? The answer is obvious and despite my personal familiarity with the anatomy of

My name is Michael S. McKnight and I am a partner in Boyce Law Firm LLP. I have practiced with this firm for over thirty-one years. My practice during that time has focused on employment law related issues.

I have been blessed with many professional accomplishments but several standout in my mind. I am an

I read an interesting study in the Fall 2017 volume of Conflict Resolution Quarterly entitled “What Difference Does ADR Make: Comparison of ADR and Trial Outcomes in Small Claims Court” by Lorig Charkoudian, Deborah Thompson Eisenberg and Jamie L. Walter. This study was the first to compare litigants that participated in ADR to an equivalent

Thirty plus years of handling employment disputes of one form or another has led me to reach several conclusions concerning these disputes and how to best resolve them. While mediation is more of an art than a science and no one thing will guarantee success at a mediation, there are a few things to consider